What kind of axles do you use on your trailers?

All of our trailers are built with torsion axles.

How often should I grease my axles?

You should grease your axles at the very least every quarter. If you use your trailer frequently or use it in salt water, you may need to grease your axles more. If your trailer sits for a long period of time (winter or summer season) then you should check the grease level before operating the trailer. If you do not properly grease and maintain your axles, the bearings will wear out and break. Kokopelli Trailers is NOT responsible to warranty axles that are not properly maintained.

How do I grease my axles?

Use a grease gun filled with marine grade lithium based axle grease. Carefully remove the end cap on the axle. Fit the grease gun to the zerk fitting inside the axle and pump the grease gun. You should continue to fill until a small amount comes back. Then replace the cap and repeat on the other side. Kokopelli Trailers fills the grease in all axles prior to leaving our manufacturing facility. The customer is responsible for maintaining the axles with grease after delivery.

Do I need brakes on my trailer?

Different states have different laws on what is required as a braking system on your trailer. Kokopelli Trailers has to build trailers that meet the safety regulations of those states. If you live in a state that does not have specific regulations, we recommend that tandem axle trailers have brakes on at least one axle and triple axle trailers have brakes on at least two axles. Remember that having brakes on your trailer will be less wear on your tow vehicle’s brakes.

Will I need to replace my brakes?

Yes, over time brakes will wear down and you will have to replace them. We only use disc brakes on our trailers. Disc brakes are easier to change and easier to keep clean. If you are unsure which size disc of on your trailer, you may contact Kokopelli Trailers and they can tell you. The customer is responsible for maintaining brakes and replacing them as they naturally wear down. You may order replacement parts from Kokopelli Trailers.

Do I need to replace my brake fluid?

Yes, you should bleed your brake fluid annually into a new container and use DOT3 fluid to replace the old brake fluid. Do not reuse the old brake fluid. Please dispose of it properly.

How do I bleed my brakes?

All new trailers come with the brakes bled. You will need to bleed them after replacing the brake fluid during your regularly scheduled maintenance.