Boat and Trailer Checklist

You should complete this checklist prior to each use. This checklist is intended to enhance your boating experience and life of your trailer.

  • Ball matches coupler size and boat lock is secure
  • All lights are in working order (running lights, brake lights, signal lights)
  • Tire pressure is properly adjusted and lug nuts tightened
  • Axles are properly greased
  • All bolts, nuts, and brackets are tightened
  • Brake fluid is maintained at a proper level and brakes are in working order (if applicable)
  • Boat is properly tied down at the transom and boat is snug with bow stand roller
  • All safety chains and emergency stop cables connected
  • After use, wash trailer and lubricate moving parts. (Especially in saltwater.)

Remember a properly maintained trailer from Kokopelli Trailers will last for years to come. We want you to enjoy your boating experience. If you have any questions about your trailer, please contact us. We are here to help you!