What kind of grease does Kokopelli in their trailer wheel bearings?

Kokopelli uses high temp multi purpose grease as factory-fill on all wheel bearings. It is a lithium-complex based grease.

Do I have to use the exact same wheel bearing grease that Kokopelli uses?

Not exactly. The brand name is unimportant. What is very important is the type and quality of the grease you choose. Kokopelli factory-fill grease is a
multi-purpose lithium-complex based product. It is compatible with most any lithium-complex based grease readily available at any marine or auto parts store.

What is the correct greasing procedure recommended by Kokopelli?

The answer depends on whether your trailer is equipped with bearing buddies, Sure-Lube, or Super Lube hub systems.

I have a Sure-Lube/Allu Lube hub. What is the correct way to add grease?

The Super-Lube system is non-pressurized. Lubricant can be added at any time without fear of over pressurizing the hub. The system is identified by a one piece cap with an exposed grease fitting. The cap may be all metal, or plastic with a metal grease fitting. Add grease using a standard pistol grip style grease gun.

Contaminated grease will be expelled out the rear of the spindle. It will lay atop the axle tube on some models, or may be forced into the interior cavity of the axle tube on others. Top off with five or six strokes of the grease gun lever.

When is the best time to check and add grease?

Generally, the hub is most prone to water infiltration when at operating temperature
(warm to the touch) and immersed in ambient water while launching your boat. This will most likely occur during launch after an over-the-road tow. The ambient water will quickly cool the grease reservoir causing the hot grease to contract. Water infiltration by siphon will ensue. Add grease to displace water on all BUT bearing buddy equipped models. If towing long distance, monitor hub condition at each rest or gasoline stop. Add grease as necessary.

Do I need to add grease again at the end of the day when retrieving my boat?

Generally, no. Most times the trailer has sat at the ramp and cooled to match ambient temperatures. Very little, if any, water will intrude into the bearing cavity under these conditions. However, if you must store your trailer several miles from the ramp it may be advantageous for you to add grease again after retrieval.

What is the regularly scheduled maintenance interval for wheel bearings on a boat trailer?

Boat trailer wheel bearings should be regularly maintained as per the above recommendations based on the particular system in question. Also, at the end of each season, each hub on a trailer should be disassembled and examined for wear and contamination, regardless of trailer age.

What size bearings are on my trailer?

Kokopelli trailers should have one of two bearing sizes:
Inner 1.375, 5 Lug |
Outer 1.0625 3.5k